Condo tenant HOA violation

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I had a new tenant just moving in last week and has already broken the HOA rules (brining guests onto the sundeck, smoking, bringing glassware, cigarette damage) according to a letter from the association manager, no pictures were taken, just a list of violations. There is a violation fee charged. Is there anything I could do with the HOA as well as the tenant regarding the violation?

Ugh, I'm sorry that happened. I have been on the other side of this - where STR's have thrown cigarettes, beer cans, etc... from the roof onto my deck, they've actually burned holes through my furniture... Thankfully it stopped there and didn't blow up my propane tank or blow into an open window in the units below me and light a unit on fire...anyway...I'm not a lawyer, but my advice to you is to make sure your lease is air tight and spells out the HOA rules. Make an addendum if you have to and have them sign it. Hopefully you can pass-through the fine to the renter. Have a serious talk with the tenant and make sure they understand the severity of the situation and ask them if they're willing to abide by the rules and if not, "maybe this isn't the best fit for you" and let them go - find a new tenant who understands and follows the rules. Good luck.

Thank you Christen and Taylor. My management is going to talk with the HOA and the tenant, the hope is that HOA let it go with a warning, but if not, hoping that the tenant would pay for the violation fee.

The lease had a couple of sentences on that tenant should adhere to all HOA rules, but after this thing settles, I will request an addendum to make it even clearer that any violation fees (if caused by the tenant) would be the responsibilities of the tenant.