High water bill in multifamily during pandemic

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The water bill is embedded into rent of my tenants

it’s a fixed value x that I included in the rent. During pandemic my water bill got doubled and even tripled.

How do I handle this situation since I realized it after my tenants are in the midst of their lease.Appreciate your inputs.


With everyone home 100% your water bill should have increased but triple is a bit much.  Here is what I would do:

Announce an inspection of every unit.  You want to confirm three things:

1) No leaky toilets / sinks / bathtubs.  Leaks can cost you a fortune. 

2) Are aerators still installed?  Do you have low-flow toilets?  What about low-flow shower heads. It may be a good time to update those items.

3) Verify who is living there.  If you have 3x the people living there than are on the lease, you would have higher bills.   Get that situation resolved

While you are there, check there are no water leaks in common area faucets.