Tenant Not Paying Rent - What Are Next Steps?

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I have a two family in MA in which one unit has only payed a half months rent over the last three months.  

I have been in communication with this tenant--she did lose her job and was struggling financially---had initially asked me in early March if she could send rent in chunks which I said I was ok with, but she hasn't paid anything since that half month rent payment for March.

So, i'm sort of not sure what to do here.  Anyone have any advice on a stern sort of text to send to her -- I did just find out she is working again through another party (not sure if full time or not).  I honestly don't care about the 2 1/2 months of unpaid back rent--I just want to make sure I'm getting rent moving forward.

you need to check your local laws and see how Covid is affecting your ability to evict. You also can try to get the federal funding for unpaid back rent.  You can do a google search and or call your local housing authority for info. 

ETA your local laws will stipulate how you can interact with her re unpaid rent.  I personally would just have a conversation and see what her plans are....  no threats  just see what she is thinking. 

Thanks Mary appreciate the advice. It looks like the CDC Moratorium on evictions lasts until June 30th.  I just texted her asking what her plan is on rent moving forward and asked if she had applied for any rental assistance as of yet. 

@Chris S. Hate to say this but you’ll have to prepare for the worst and for landlords that’s an extension of the moratorium. If your tenant has no plans to pay rent you’ll have to move to evict. There’s an expected tidal wave of evictions to be filed a jam up the courts. I’d get in touch with an attorney and see what they recommend and prepare to get ahead of the tidal wave. I have a friend in your situation that offered the tenant cash for keys to move and they stopped communication with him.