My router / modem- how do I hide, lock, and protect it?

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For my vacation rental, I'm not sure where I should put my modem / router to protect it from guests.  I don't want someone to steal it (cost me $200), or press the buttons on it.  

I was thinking of locking it inside a cabinet, but that would probably interfere with the wifi signal.  

Another idea I had was to put it into a "rack cabinet enclosure" (Amazon) and then somehow bolt that down onto a shelf or cabinet.

But then the router/modem would be visible... I'd prefer to put the router someplace that completely hides it, yet doesn't interfere with the wifi signal.

Same problem with my Ring security system.  It connects to the router through the ethernet port-- I want that to be visually hidden as well.

Any ideas here ???

There's been a lot written on the topic but most is directed towards guests and their security/privacy protection.  Here's one article that is property owner focused:

We haven't had an issue at any of our properties with this - which probably means it's just a matter of time. What we do for a host of reasons is to have the router positioned in a way that it is not easily reached or seen. If there going to take it, make them work to get to it but not so much that your property gets damaged in the process.

Fun, huh?