Project Ideas for Masters Student

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Hi All!

RE Newby here.

I am a Systems Engineering Masters Student and have started the planning phase for my capstone project. I am hoping to do a project on something real estate related.

Does anyone have any RE issues or problems that could be improved with some sort of software, planning, system, or tool?

Much appreciate your thoughts!



@Tim ORourke - Love this!  Can you give us some broad ideas of what you are looking for from investors?  Or what type of solutions you can offer?  That might help us come up with ideas for you.  I'm not even sure what a systems engineer does so that info might help as well. 

Have you thought about looking for an internship/contract with a someone who might directly use your project for their business?  Thus giving you an extra income and more business experience.

And congrats on reaching your final year and capstone project!

@Sam Wilson - Thanks for replying and for the recommendations! Would be awesome to provide a solution for compensation as a result of this project.

A Systems Engineer typically designs, improves, and manages systems, which are then followed to develop something (end product) which is then used by customers. SE's like to manage projects and organize how they come about.

To answer your question, I am hoping to identify and attempt to improve any efficiency issues or problems that RE investors are having.

What's a painful part of the process that could be/should be improved?

@Tim ORourke - not sure if this would help or even fit, but what about reaching out to any local, large REI related company (property management, development, investing, etc) and see if they will let you do an efficiency audit in one of their areas. The reason I suggest this is that most companies don't even realize where they can make vast improvements because the work has become so routine.

If nothing else, that might get them thinking of where they do need help and that could lead to a discussion on what you can do to help them.

I look forward to hearing what others have to think about your project.