Advice on a deposit

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My husband and I purchased a rental property already rented out. The house was dirty inside but the yard was in good shape. The renter asked if she could put up a pool and my husband said it shouldn’t be a problem. However, it was a large pool that killed all of the grass. She has moved out now and we decided to not deduct any money from her deposit for the cleaning because we don’t know the condition it was in when she first moved in, although she did sign our cleaning agreement. However, we deducted $300 for the grass re-planting (which would have cost a lot more had we hired it out). My husband told her that she is still responsible for returning the property to the condition it was in when we bought it. The former tenant thinks this is unfair and is threatening small claims court. Any advice from those more experienced?

I assume when you told her the pool was okay you didn't mention anything about the grass?  If not you would be at the mercy of a judge.  Who knows which way they would rule.  if your charge is 300 you can be aggressive and say okay, sue us.  You can be the very non aggressive and return the 300 or you can offer a deal.  150 each.  Offering a deal may solve the issue and if not will make you look good in front of a judge if you were to let it go that far.