Section 8 porting question - Tenant transferring his HUD voucher

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Hello BP, 

I have a section 8 question. One tenant is planning to move (port) his section 8 voucher to Dallas and use it to rent my 1/2 duplex. 

- Can I charge him a deposit to hold until all the paperwork is transferred successfully? What is the max amount I can charge?

- What else do I need to let him move-in while HUD is finalizing the paperwork and the lease?

- any other insight I need to know about the porting process?

You received very complete answers to this question in another forum. This is the third time I’ve read this. Try posting in one forum first. If you don’t get replies than choose a different topic to post again.  Give users a chance to answer you first though.  Posting multiple times just puts multiple posts in all the users alerts and thousands of users have to spend time reading, and weeding through identical posts. Not trying to be a jerk, but explaining so everyone’s time isn’t wasted.