Tenant with criminal background

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I have a prospective tenant who came to a showing today. He really liked the place. When I pointed him to MyRental.com for the screening process, (I used MyRental.com for all my screenings) he immediately told me that he had a criminal background and he just got out of jail a few months ago. He’s working on getting his life together and blah, blah, the sob story. He is working now and he makes enough to cover the rent.

Now my question is, would any of you rent to a tenant with a criminal background, I know everybody deserves a 2nd chance, but I don’t want to risk renting to someone who’s going to cause problems in the property?

Any thoughts would greatly appreciated

@Pedro Jean

I have two similar properties here in Houston Texas. I only rent to felons. Their number one goal seems to be housing which they know is their Foundation. Someone in your situation I would even that pay late with no deposit. The difference between you and I is I rent by the room. 600 a month all bills paid.

I could never see going through all the work that I did. Putting 20% down Etc for a return of a lousy 400 to 500 a month. Try this concept with the last room you've got as long as you've got the parking in two guys that are willing to share this is not a New Concept.

Jon Denson

@Pedro Jean I manage about 200 doors in Houston area. We ultimately allow our owners decide, but recommend that non-violent felonies are ok. Also never accept anyone that is a registered sex offender. Check your properties as well on the registry to ensure no one is illegally living there that is a sex offender. Learned that lesson the hard way.

I "accidentally" rented to someone out on parole. It somehow never showed up on the screening. He was actually a great tenant...BUT...he got nabbed on a violation and sent back to prison! I will try not to let that happen again.

First, read your localities tenant/landlord laws. There may be laws giving you boundaries on this topic. For example where I own property there are time frames and types of crimes that you cant use to deny someone.