Asking about previous eviction in pre-screening process

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Hi everyone,

i am in process to list my property as a rental. this is my first rental and what to know what types of questions are ok to ask in pre-screening questionnaire. It is ok to ask about prior eviction history and credit score before allowing anyone to tour the property?

@Prajwal Amatya what do your landlord tenant laws say. Certain jurisdictions you cannot ask about evictions or criminal activity. If the are not excluded then it will be part of your due diligence. You need to make a list of the qualifications that you will screen potential renters. 3x income, minimum credit score, number of adults over 18, number of people residing at address, then if possible eviction history and criminal history. Will you accept some one with a non violent criminal history. Use your list and don't deviate. This will save you from a fair housing lawsuit.