Clean up requirements for Rental with wood floors

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I just got a rental unit with solid hardwood floors and I am getting it beautifully refinished.

I like to hear your thoughts on what do you require your tenants to when they vacate? This is a A- unit renting for $1700+ with a max of 2 dogs.

For units with carpets, I ask tenants to have it professionally steam-cleaned and provide the receipt. For hardwood, what's reasonable to require? Great if I can have them rebuff and polish the floors.

I like to hear your thoughts.

Thank you!


Broom swept, we do not have them rebuff and polish floors. In fact we give them an instruction sheet not to put various cleaners  on the floors. No Mop and glo and such because it makes it harder to buff out.    I make it clear that they will be charged for damage to the floors and if they have pets and leave any stains they will be charged for that.  I just had a no dog unit where the floor guy had to cut and replace oak flooring because of an unauthorized pet.  some places you might ask that they cover a percentage of the floor with carpet and your welcome packet might include some felt floor glides. 

I have a clause in my lease that pet damage is not considered normal wear and tear and they will be responsible for all damages that can reasonably be determined to be caused by a pet. I've had people try and tell me their child scratched the flooring or caused the urine stains/odor instead of their dog, trying to say it's "normal wear and tear." I'm not a lawyer and I've never had it challenged in an itemized security deposit notice, so no idea if it would hold up, but it's worked for me.