I'm spending on repeat repairs for the same property and not realizing it; for instance, if i replaced a water heater in 2019 for Bldg A and for 7x other units throughout the year. 1 year goes by and there is damage to the water heater I would like a software to track when was the last time I replaced the water heater (and if it has a warranty) instead of searching throughout my files for invoices on which properties' heater I replaced.  Another example, if I add freon to an AC and I find myself doing this every 3 or 4 months not realizing which unit i last replaced but if i my software showed how many times i repaired that AC I could make better repair/replace decisions. Lastly, instances where i did not receive an insurance renewal notice and miss the deadline to renew as insurance companies don't have autopay options. I would like a software i can add the dates of my insurance coverage so i know if i don't receive notice i can look at the system on which policies are expiring (ideally a master policy but the prices are greater than individual policies).  I have 3 dozen properties scattered across different regions and have been using SimplifyEm which works well for tracking leases but does not allow tracking for capital items or insurance.  I've spent countless hours researching software and the ones that provide these options are extremely pricey and geared towards 200+ units. I'm trying to save money on my repairs and not spend the saving on a new PM software. Any recommendation on PM software for small to midsize landlords would be appreciated?