Best management app for mobile home park?

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We just closed on October 1st on our mhp. I thought originally, I'd meet resistance to doing online pay. Turns out, all but one of our tenants want it. Does anyone have a suggestion for the best app for a mhp? Especially to help some of my tenants that aren't particularly tech savvy? A lot of them don't have checking accounts but were talking about loading a greendot card every month to make a payment. Any app that will work with that? We're also filling vacant lots, so of course we need tenant screening.

I just watched a video on rentredi. I think it will probably work but is there one that's better? Maybe it sends reminders a few days ahead of the 1st? 

Thanks in advance, Mike

@Michael Colebank Hey Michael, I use RentRedi. I don't have mobile home park and my tenants are younger and more tech savvy but the app is pretty easy to use. I do have them set up to receive alerts before rent is due and I have yet to receive a late payment. They also recently added a lease signing option over the app which I haven't used yet but am looking forward to using. Hope this helps! 

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