House hacking/Monthly Reserves

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My goal is to buy my first property this year, a house hacked duplex, move out after 1-2 years and repeat and have a question about reserves.

(I prefer a conservative mindset)

Example property: age 1930-40ish

Purchase price: 200,000

Down payment: 10,000

Piti: 1300ish

Rent: 1000 per unit (2000 total once I move out and fully rented.)

While living there I will cover $300 of the mortgage

I want to be prepared for cap ex, vacancy, repairs and property management (even though I plan to manage the property for the first 5 years at least), etc. This would be a buy and hold.

- assuming 10% PM fee, 5% vacancy, 5% repairs, 5% cap ex

= 500 monthly put towards reserves

Leaving with cashflow of 200 per month

6000k in reserves at the end of the first year.

I understand there are a lot of other variables that go into this, but these are my main questions

1) when do you stop/scale back how much you put into reserves?

2) do investors usually open a separate/business account to keep finances separate?

3)does this seem too conservative

4)this is the correct general way to think about reserves, right?

Thanks for any advice

You propose one option.

Another would be to only have an emergency fund to cover 3-6 months of rental payments and use the rest of savings towards another purchase. 

How will you increase your wealth and cashflow faster?

Think overall linear growth vs exponential growth.