Where do I go from here? 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Hello my name is Corey and I want to be a first home buyer. I know all the criteria there is to Purchase a home but I’m laking the credit history that I need to be able to purchase. I have good credit, Its my credit history that I’m worried about. I’m worried I won’t be excepted for a finance loan. I’m needing advice or help finding a lender that will help me In my current situation. I’m holding a section 8 voucher with disability benefits that could potentially help me purchase a home but due to my credit history being new I don’t have the Resources for lenders that could help me! Please someone help me!

@Corey Amsted- I would start out by contacting a lender in your area to get the conversation started of what they think may be possible for you. You can also think about partnering with someone for your first property if you do not think that you may be in a good enough place to get a loan right now. 

Yeah Olivia had good points, I would try and call a variety of lenders and see what they normally accept it might be you're able to find a local lender in your area that's willing to do it or you might find an out of town lender somewhere. typically if you have a good deal you could even find hard money somewhere as long as the numbers make sense for all parties involved, and if you can't get it on your own a partner would be a good way to go my best suggestion would probably just be to find a good deal because even if you get it under contract and cant close there are usually protections available to buyers to get you out of a sale before closing and as long as you have a deal you'll be able to find money somewhere.