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HOA & Property Mgmt Conflict of Interest
What reservations, if any, would you have if a property management company is the service provider for an HOA & in the HOA CC&R's the same prop mgmt company has exclusive rights to leasing a community of... View more
Please help me with home design choice !
We selected the following selections for our home. Please help with following:1. Does the bathroom grey floor tile looks too busy with the shower and tub surround tile?2. For the kitchen cabinet does the burlap color... View more
President of the HOA
Hi my name is Austin Stallings I'm pretty new to RealEstate. I am in the market wanting to scale up. My question is: is it worth the hassle to be president of your own HOA? I live in a townhome where there are... View more
Legal Question Property Manager quit
Need Help ASAP Please! So our president of our COA is not a team player and has caused our Property Manager to submit his resignation via email effective in 30 days. After receiving this the President of the board sent... View more
mortgage Insurance on first home buyers
Do I have to pay mortgage insurance if I do the first time home buyers program?I know I would get to take advantage of only putting 3.5% down but do I still have to pay mortgage insurance if I use that program?
HOA President Harassed
I am constantly attacked by the assistant to the property president for my condo associatiation This man watches us all the time and hides behind windows and doors and every time something happens here in my house he... View more
Advice on petitioning increased HOA fees
Advice on creating a petition for reducing HOA fees? Fee went up 7.2% ($555 to $595) and it's hard to justify the spike. Our HOA fee and % increase YoY is significantly high compared to neighboring communities, which... View more
HOA - Reassigning "Reserved" parking spots without a vote
Our HOA decided to reassign the reserved parking spots and give them to "owners that live there". I'm assuming this is opposed to units used for rental properties or owners that use the unit for a vacation home. Many... View more
Condo investments? Forced appreciation? HOA Fees?
My Fiance & I are starting our investment career in Medford Oregon. We both live close by. She is currently searching for a condo for our first investment property? Just want some deep insight on pros & cons on... View more
Safe/affordable N East cities/town for minorities
Hi all,Newbie here. I’m going to dive straight in. We’re a childless married couple residing in Brooklyn, NY and are over the exploding rent and home purchase costs. We live in a fairly nice part of Brooklyn (thank... View more
Investing in this market
I am new to investing.  I want to buy multifamily properties. I currently live in San Jose, CA. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY. I moved from NY to Orlando, FL in 2003. As a result of the 2007 market crash, my... View more
Where to find HOA fees
Hi everyone, Where is the best place to find the fees for an HOA? Do I have to contact someone running the complex, or is there somewhere online I can look them up? I'm trying to do some deal analysis, and don't want... View more
Condo insurance for the Common area?
The Condo has been paying for insurance to cover the buildings and common area.  I contacted the "Insurance Company" and was told there is NO name like this on record?   Can this happen?  I have Condo insurance on my... View more
HOA Management Software???
I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge and/or experience with a cheap software solution for a small HOA (26 units)? Looking for something that can handle the finances, budgeting, owner communication, etc. This is a... View more
Other owners in small condo building will not make improvements
I have owned a condominium in a small 5 unit building in Seattle since 2012. My condo is 2 bedrooms and the other units are all 1 bedroom. The neighborhood where my condo is had increased in value during the past few... View more
HOAs a property value
I've seen many conflicts on this, and there are arguments on either side of the topic. But, are there any studies or data anyone can point me to about HOAs and property value? Does the existence of an HOA truley help... View more
Can I build an ADU on my land?
Joined this forum just to see how you understand if you can build an UDU on your land - do you use any tools to do that or do you hire someone to do that for you?
Dealing with a non-paying homeowner
I am currently serving on the board of our HOA, along with two other officers. Our complex is only 8 units. We have one owner who had stopped paying dues (or only making partial payments) back in 2016-2017. He went... View more
Best Method of Collecting HOA Dues
What is the best method of collecting HOA dues?Currently, the account is not set up for any electronic payments which is very inconvenient for owners. Owners have been instructed by the current treasurer to mail their... View more
HOA trustee wont respond or provide contact info
I recently bought this condo in MA. I have managed to get the contact of one trustee (email). But she won't respond or provide a phone number or other trustee's contact info after several attempts. I need no HOA dues... View more
My rental is in a small town in NC. The HOA and the property mgt company are also small. Everything is informal, meaning they make up their own rules. The HOA have not had a meeting in the past year and I have never... View more
Privacy of full names for homeowners
Hello,The HOA of my condo moved to a new management company and when I signed up to their bulletin board, I realized that my full name would be fully public. There was no way to use an alias, or simply to write a first... View more
HOA dues for multiple properties under one LLC
If you own several properties in one development, will deeding them under one LLC allow you to only be responsible for one HOA share payment and assessment under the LLC or are you still responsible for each property?
What is the legal definition of 'in writing'
Hi everyone.  My HOA notified me via email of a paint color violation that is going to put me in financial jeopardy to correct.  I attempted to go through the proper approval process but the painters showed up days... View more
Does the 1% Rule Work for New US properties?
Hello, not sure if this is off topic but I'd love to hear what you think about the 1% rule of thumb - does it apply to new properties in the US the same way as it does with old properties? Do the percentages change... View more