Hello all,

I am new to the BP forums but have been a landlord for about 10-yr (former primary residence turned rental) and need a referral to a very competent, aggressive and experienced attorney to represent our interest as the homeowner against our HOA.

I won't post our entire sob story, however, the HOA is liable for interior water damage and associated collateral damages to our town home due to neglect in maintaining the roof.

We hired an attorney, with great Yelp reviews, and made it clear we wanted a "pit-bull" and instead ended up with a " Toy poodle" who we suspect he is just milking us for fees and colluding with the HOA attorney. It took him over 9-mths to finally present us with anything and the settlement he finally presented and told us was a "good" settlement didn't even cover 1/2 the cost of the HOA contractor's bid to repair the damage to our home. Seriously, what a load of you know what!

Personally, I suspect that you cannot trust Yelp reviews for services like attorneys, mortgage brokers, etc. I have experienced poor outcomes with 3-professionals who had "great" reviews on Yelp so it seems the reviews are inflated, cherry-picked or just plain fake. Not sure where to turn at this point and need help.

We are looking for input on a referral to a pro-homeowner firm or preferable a specific attorney who has been successful in dealing with shady HOA's and producing a winning outcome for the homeowner and will not charge crazy expensive fees or milk us dry.