I have a property that is on a private street, so it is the responsibility of the owners to make sure the street is up to code. As long as we do that, the city will plow in winter. We are not in an HOA, and there is no current agreement in place. Alright, now it's going to get a little messy, I'll do my best.

A homeowner on the street adjacent to ours is splitting his land and going to sell an acre off the back, but in order to do that he had to extend our road and build a cul-de-sac so there is enough road frontage to split the land.  Well, in the process of building the cul-de-sac and 600+ dump trucks and heavy equipment, the road has been beat up.  It's not in need of replacement right now, but does need some repair.  This traffic has definitely taken life out of the road.  

This process has forced us to all get together and explore some options.  One of the things we are looking at is a road maintenance agreement.  Does anyone have any experience with something along these lines? There are hundreds available with a google search, but I'd appreciate some advice from someone who has dabbled in this area before.

Much appreciated!