I just bought a house that was in foreclosure. The estoppel letter shows that there are "NO VIOLATIONS" for the property. I've moved in a couple months ago and now the HOA is stating the house is in violation as some of the paint on the front is faded and the grass has to be entirely re-soldered.

When I called the HOA manager he said "You should've done an Estoppel during closing to avoid this situation." I told him that I did get one and it's all signed stating no violations at all. His reaction was "Oh... ok. Well, we'll give you until March of 2017 to get it done."

Shouldn't the HOA be responsible for this since the Estoppel states "NO VIOLATIONS"??? This was only a couple months ago and the paint is exactly the same as it was during closing. I have pictures that clearly show the issue was there before closing.

Any help would be greatly appreciate.