Last year August 2016, I purchased a condo through a tax sale. It has a one year redemption period. So, I'm waiting to do any repairs to the property. Last week, I received a notice from the property manager of the HOA, stating I owe HOA dues from August 2016 to current plus added a late fee each month since August. Plus, he claims he has the right to claw back some expenses.

After doing some research, I found the property has a HOA lien.

A few questions, I have are: 

1. Are HOA able to clawback any expenses prior to my ownership?

2.  Does paying the taxes on the property resolve any past liens on the property?  

3. Can the HOA charge late fees, when I just received my first invoice last week?

Unfortonately, I'm unable to reasonably talk with him to resolve these issues. He justifies it by the Master Deed and By Laws. 

I sent a email seeking to show me in the Master Deed how he can clawback any expenses.  

Any advise or tips will help.