Hello, I feel helpless and I hope someone can offer some advise after reading bellow. I live in a townhouse and after months of sending complaints to the HOA Board about pet owners (including board-members) violating the rules by permitting their pet to poop on the common areas and in front of my window I finely received a reply stating that that is fine as long as they pick up after their pets afterwords. I fell being harassed by the pet owner.
In my view the Rule is clear and it doesn't allow such activity.

The pet Rule states:
All pets must be on a leash when outside an individual unit, and should not be tethered to anything or left unattended. Each pet owner is responsible for immediately removing pet waste from Common Areas. It is prohibited to allow your pet to produce waste on any lawn/turf area within the association. Violations of pet waste are subject to the fine schedule and procedures outlined in the House Rules.

The response I received:
The 3rd sentence reads “It is prohibited to allow your pet to produce waste on any lawn!” The language of this sentence is connected to the 2nd sentence. This owner removes the pet waste immediately. If it was left there and the owner didn’t remove the pet waste then she would be in violation of the 3rd sentence. The paragraph must be looked at collectively for contextual understanding and practical nuance, not just extracting a singular phrase.
It is the perspective of the board that this owner is not doing anything wrong and is not committing any wrong actions regarding the governing documents of this association. A dog will poop where it needs to, however this owner is consistent in picking up the waste and not letting it ruin the lawn of her fellow neighbors.

Am I wrong by asking to stop this activity?

Thank you,