Can an HOA limit only 1 homesowner from adding gardens or mulch areas - no one else is affected by this demand.

I recently requested to the HOA to replace a area between 2 mulch areas with a ground cover as the grass is either dead or very thin. It was approved on the basis of me not requesting to add any more garden/mulched areas to yard. I am the only one in a neighborhood of 187 homes to be limited. Non one else is affected by this demand.

This demand was because my neighbor does not like my garden areas and is on the ACC board. We have had problems in the past with her trying to control what I put in my yard.  

My house is on 1/2 acre and borders wet lands.  Due to the number of trees and lots of shade, grass has a hard time growing in many places.  I only put in the request to replace the grass with ground cover because I have replaced that grass several times already and it does not grow.  The ground cover I chose grows in shade, sun, dry sandy areas - anywhere and does not need a lot of water to grow.