I live in a decent sized community currently 256 houses with a total of 500 planned. The neighborhood is currently set up as a POA which is governed by the Board of Directors and they have selected a management company to manage the day to day activites. The Developer has selected a builder for the community. I would like to gain some perspective on a couple of items in regards to Developer and Homeowners responsible funding.

1) We currently pay yearly dues and from the yearly Financials the Homeowners are paying for legal fees, landscaping improvements (plant buying), irrigation system,  pool repair etc. Is this normal?

2) Since this is a POA should the homeowners be funding every enhancement to the neighborhood i.e. planting in common areas and light poles etc.?

3)We currently only have 1 pool with a bathing capacity of 90 people and no clubhouse. Do Communities of around 500 houses usually only have 1 pool and no clubhouse? How can I find out if what we currently have is acceptable or outside the norm?

4) Do the Homeowners have the right to approach the management company executing for the POA for financial records i.e. invoices etc? How often should the POA be releasing financials?

5) If questions arise from reading the covenants dictated by the POA, the management Company should be responsible for answering the question in a reasonable time frame, correct?

6) Who pays to complete PUD related items?

7) Is it safe to treat the management company as a Supplier and the Homeowners are the Customer?

8)What are typical expectations of Management company communicating to the Homeowners and helping them?

9) Are Developers usually behind the scenes people and rarely call open forums or make themselves available?

10) What is a PUD rider?

Appreciate your time and help.