Condo In-Unit Washer/Dryer - Some units have them others don't!

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I'm in the process of buying a 2nd floor condo in New Jersey. I would like to put in an in-unit compact washer/(ventless) dryer, and I have the hookup in the linen closet already.

This complex has laundry in the basement and they charge money to use them, however, I know from talking to the current owner and other listings that I've seen online that there are definitely units that have an in-unit washer/dryer.

I was talking to the property manager and asked her about this and she said that she knows that there are units that have a washer/dryer but they are on the 1st floor and they don't allow them on the 2nd floor, but then she also states that the condo association doesn't want people to have them because they lose money due to people not paying for laundry in the basement.

Based on my research, I found a bunch of 2nd floor condos that show an in-unit washer/dryer and if I can't install an in-unit washer/dryer I'm not going to use their laundry anyway so they won't be losing any money because I would rather just use a drop off/pick up laundry service instead.

From talking to the current owner, I asked her if I could install an in-unit washer/dryer and her response was she knows units that have done this and it's like a "don't ask, don't tell" type of policy.

I feel it's unfair that the association allows some units to have an in-unit washer/dryer but the property manager is telling me I can't. I feel like if I belong to this complex the rules should apply to everyone or not, they shouldn't be allowed to tell some owners they can't when other owners do have in-unit washer/dryers.

I read the by-laws and I don't see anything stating specifically that in-unit washer/dryers are not allowed.

I was going to go ahead and install an in-unit washer/dryer but if the property manager says something to me, would I have any rights to go against the condo association because of this double standard?

Thank you!

@Dennis Gallof Good day, I'm thinking the reasoning behind not allowing washer/dryers above the first floor has to do with if one of the washing machines breaks and there is a leak. It would now flood all of the units under it as opposed to just the first floor unit. Sometimes if you find the source of an objection, it leads you down a path towards overcoming it. Best of luck.

Hi @Dennis Gallof ,

If there's nothing in the condo docs, the property manager has no grounds to enforce you not putting a W/D in your unit. 

However, what you need to think about is the code for upstairs W/D units in Jersey. New code in Florida requires the washer to be in a catch pan in the event of a leak, and that pan has to have a pipe leading to the exterior of the property, extending 12 inches off the exterior wall. Similar requirements for a water heater in a catch pan. 

I doubt you can change the look of the exterior of the condo complex since that's something you have no ownership of. You can try and connect the same pipe to the AC condensate line. 

Good luck, but talk to a local attorney and a contractor!

Thanks for all the quick replies!

I agree that if a washer/dryer is not allowed, then I feel the board/property manager should enforce that rule/law so ALL condo owners follow it. I just don't like the fact that I'm fully aware that there are multiple condo units on the 2nd floor that have a washer/dryer, while the property manager and most likely the board know about it and they allow this.

However, now when I want to do do the same setup I'm confronted with resistance. If that's the case, then the property manager/board should force all condos with in-unit washer/dryers to be removed. I just feel annoyed buying this condo knowing that they are allowing other condo owners the comfort to have an in-unit washer/dryer. 

I really like this place and would like to move forward with my purchase.  Would I be able to put something in my contract to get approval to setup a in-unit washer/dryer before purchasing the condo?

If they don't give me approval, would I be able to fight this by telling them it's unjust by showing them units that I've seen that have sold online that show an in-unit washer/dryer?

Thank you!

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