I am in the process of selling a home I have owed for about 10 years. I initially lived there and it has been a rental for the past 5 or so years. The HOA dues are $180 p/year and I just received an estoppel saying I have a balance due of $688.57. No detail was provided and when I called the mgt co, they told me I had to speak to the attorney and they could not give me any info. I have emailed and called twice to the attorney and am awaiting their response.

My current checking account is 2 years old and I can confirm I made payment for the last 2 years. Assuming I inadvertently missed a payment some years ago, can the HOA charge me interest from that missed payment and continue to collect payments after that? Wouldn't any payment made be applied to my balance and therefore offset the interest/penalties? Also, I have never received any correspondence to this matter.