President of HOA harassing me

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Hello everyone, I have no idea if this is the right place to post this, or if this question or concern I have is relevant here. I just have a few question and concerns about HOA and my rights as a guest.

OK so I am a caregiver, I work for a man who lives in a condo which is gated and has a HOA. They have a underground parking structure for guest parking.

Anyways I park there, and never had a problem for a while. But then recently, while coming to work, an older man approached me, and he did this 4 times to me before. The first time I saw him, he approached me, asking me personal questions in a very rude manner, I mean obviously he knew I didn't live there (btw I'm Hispanic) And the majority of the residents are older white retires. Anyways, he was very rude, condescending, almost like saying "what is my kind doing here"? In a very racist angry tone. 


Where do you live, what is your apartment number? 

What are you doing here?

Whats your business?

Who are you? Etc.  

First of all, he did this to me four times, the last time he used his car to block my path. But the first time he approached me on foot. He never said who he was the first time he approached me, for all I know he's a crazy person. 

I deny answering any of his questions for the fact that I had no idea who this man was. Then he barks out yelling at me that he is the president of the HOA in their condo. I said; well good for you, but what right do you have to stop me and act very rudely barking questions at me like a cop. Anyways to get him off my butt, I told him that I work for a gentleman that lives there, but that was it.

If he would of approached me like a human being, I would of gladly answered him those questions. But when spmeone comes up to me with a chip on his shoulder, well then my reaction will be defensive.  

Later I find out he's a vice president, not the president of his HOA.

I talked to a security guard on the premises who is actually nice and he says that the whole complex "is his house" "This is his house" I was ok, good for him, but what does that have to do with me and parking at the guest parking lot and going to work?

Anyways what rights if any do I have as a quest coming to this condo, can I sue the guy for harassment? I haven't seen him lately, but I don't need him to be harassing me again. Since he has no real authority over me, and is a private citizen like myself, what if any rights do I have against his bullying? 

Thanks in advance.

@Claudio Romero I’d go and introduce yourself! Explain why are you there, just talk to him! engage in a nice conversation. You will be surpised how things change. At the end of the day, both are working to protect the residents. Javier

@Claudio Romero , do what everyone else is doing nowadays:  When he confronts you again pull out your phone and start recording him, then name and shame online.  I understand he is concerned about unknown people being on property, but he can make inquiries respectfully like most everyone else would.

Thanks for the answers, Like I mentioned before, the first time, he approached me first, and told him who I was after he looked like he was gonna have a heart attack. And then again 3 more times, like if his memory of me was wiped from his brain.  I guess I will do as David suggested, record him on my phone if he ever goes bananas again. 

thanks again

@Claudio Romero I would take @Javier G. 's advice. If he does not respond in kind tell him you are there as a care taker and he is violating the fair housing act. 

That actually might be a stretch or it might be true. I am not sure, But I would sure use it to scare him.  If it is true, you  or more likely the person living there that needs your care may be able to get some financial compensation.

@Claudio Romero if it happens again you should write a letter of complaint to the President of the HOA (or address it to the board of directors) and send a copy to the property management company. Your employer should also complain (or whomever owns the condo). It could be that others are unaware of his bullying (and you probably are not the only one he has been hassling). Document date and time. Take a photo of him with your phone to include in the letter.

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