Our HOA decided to reassign the reserved parking spots and give them to "owners that live there". I'm assuming this is opposed to units used for rental properties or owners that use the unit for a vacation home. Many of the units in our complex are vacation homes so these "reserved spots" sit empty for the majority of the week. But on the weekend parking is a premium.

This is my beef...

I just purchased my condo which included a reserved parking spot. It was a full gut job so I had to do the repairs before I can move in. I don't technically live there yet, but that is my intention. The HOA decided to reassign my parking spot to another unit. I was never contacted about this. Never given a chance to vote on this decision and never given an opportunity to voice my opinion. I just came home one night and saw a new number on my spot. Even if I was in favor of the new rule, they never asked me if I "live there" or not.

I contacted the HOA to ask what had happened and they told me the executive board has the power to do whatever they want with the parking spots. I can't find that anywhere in the bylaws. I see that they control them, but not that they have the power to take them away from an owner.

This impacts the value of my property.

Any advice?

My plan is to attend the next HOA meeting and state my case. The HOA will not let you contact them directly, you have to go through the property management company so you are forced to work through a middle man.