The Colorado HOA Forum, a large home owner's advocacy organization in Colorado, has recently completed a study on the HOA Home Sale Transfer Fee. The results should alarm every Realtor, HOA Board, and legislator who cares about consumer protections, transparency and full disclosure, and deceitful business practices. The studies are available on the Form's web site, (lower right of home page). This fee is totally misunderstood by most in the Real Estate industry, by HOA Boards and legislators, and home owners. The fee represents a duplicate billing practice costing Colorado home owners $10-12 million a year and hundreds of millions across the USA. Get educated on the fee and you will also be alarmed. Read the studies: Comprehensive Review and HOA Home Sale Transfer Fees Dirty Dozen. This fee continues because it can due to enabling by Realtors and Title companies who encourage home sellers/buyers to pay without explanation or any detailed receipt indicating what services have been perform, when, and line item costs and legislators who are highly influenced by the powerful lobbyist from the Community Association Institute (CAI) that represents the property management industry. Read the studies, get informed, get alarmed.