I own a tennis academy and I applied for Tennis provider in one community in Virginia.in October 2018 I bring to the office one package for tennis provider but in 5 November they call me and told me have to update because don't like.I request a meeting with the GM and the board president and in this meeting they explain me what they are looking for it,and at the end told me you have 2 option,you to work for the provider we have before or to Compete.I tell him have my own company and cannot work for other company ,and is not normal to tell me or to bring me on attention this such if thinks.Before to go the president as me we're I am from and my status in USA .Aftee meeting I go to officer and In December I get an email to send my documentation for the January meeting HOA for reviews and approve.In January I was to the meeting personally and when start the point of the agenda regarding tennis President HOA did this:

For 2019 the company’s aplyed for tennis providers are X(my competitor) or ....laugh 3 seconds ...after says that cannot pronounce the name of my company because also don’t bring him a lot of fun. 

After this he jump directly to make motion to choose my competitor directly.

I bring in attention that was only to company’s what they apply for tennis provider for 2019 .

Is normal that in a public meeting HOA ,when is about review or vote an president to make such a huge discrimination to laugh or saying that cannot pronounce the name of the second company apply ?