Hi all. We bought recently bought a house in Florida and realized the sellers agent didn't include the paperwork to transfer the HOA to us. We were never sent the Homeowners Association/Community Disclosure before closing either. Plus, on top of all that, they also didn't replace the fence, which per their MLS it was being replaced. It's completely falling apart and is a hazard. Our realtor has several written communications with their realtor stating the fence will be done, but they are definitely very slowly dragging their feet. They also know the HOA wasn't transferred to us. So, my question is this, as maybe the fence and HOA not being signed over to us is related, because who wants to pay the HOA dues of the property they use to own, is there a way around us not ever taking ownership of the HOA for the property? I know it sounds crazy, but this happened where I use to live in and the new owners ended up not having to pay the dues, nor were they the responsible party per the HOA. Crazy right? And trust me, that made for some interesting drama. Also, if the sellers are going to keep dragging their feet even though their realtor promised the fence will be replaced, what is the best next step to take?