Do we get a discount with Buildium?

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Originally posted by @Joshua Dorkin :
@Aaron Yates - We don't currently have a relationship with the company, but would certainly be happy to discuss it with them, as we would with any other reputable company.

Hey Josh, I am already speaking with them. Not about a discount here but for my local BP meetup I created.

Thanks Josh for always looking out for the best interests of BP members! There are many discounts we can achieve as a group by using the power of volume purchasing.

I'm looking to sign up. If someone that uses buildium and has for 3 months wants to send me a referral, they will get a gift card to amazon and I will get a discount on service.

On a related note, Buildium does have a preferred pricing relationship with Buildium subscribers can get the full screening package for $11.99, compared to $25ish (last time I checked) through BiggerPockets.MySmartMove

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