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Does anyone have experience, favorable or otherwise with this Dallas property manager? I am an out of state investor considering my options for newer multi- and SFH.

Red Team Property Management

Hopefully, this is categorized properly; I didn't see a forum specifically for PM. My first post here. Apologies and thanks in advance.


Don't know the PM company, but I think your choice of Forum topics was spot on!!!

I would be very interested in knowing a couple of good property management companies in Dallas or in Texas too! I have had bad experiences in the past and know that finding a good one is critical, especially with multifamily.

Arvin...I've got a really good one. They have about 800 units under management here in the metroplex and have been in business about 30-years. Good people.

Jamie, you can search the BBB, and Secretary of State websites for ratings and licensing. SOS has a file of any complaints it receives, and how they were resolved, if any against a company. 

@Jamie D.  I've been using http://www.emeraldrpm.com/ for about 4 years to manage my homes and they are great. They are based in Colleyville 

Disclosure: I grew up with the owner's wife, but I was also a renter of a house that they were the PM of, and they did a great job.

I know the owners of Butler Property Company here in Dallas. I have no idea what their rates are but they are good people. I can't vouch for their services but I can vouch for their character. Not sure if that helps at all but I guess it's a start. If you call them let them know I sent you there and you'll have a better shot at "family" prices (if such things exist). I grew up with the wife, and in small-world Dallas the husband coincidentally turned out to be the PM of a house I rented in college (and they were very responsive, did a great job from a renter's point of view).  Hope this helps.

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