Recommendations for Oklahoma City Turnkey companies?

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I'm looking to start out and I'm doing my due diligence in picking a market to invest in out-of-state. As such, I'm wondering if anybody has any recommendations for turnkey companies in OKC?

I'm buy and hold and looking for cash flow.



have not really run across any turnkey groups here (not that there aren't any) but shoot me a msg maybe i can help you out.  I work with owners from time to time that might have a few options for you.

Market is currently too hot for Turnkey Properties.  All investors such as myself are holding anything they get in right now.

But we would be glad to take care of you on the back-end getting your unit rented... after you acquire one from one of the above investor friendly Realtors.

Shoot me a message and will be glad to chat about it.

I realize this is an old post but wondering if anyone found any update on vendors in OKC? I'm looking for a buy and hold in OKC area as well (where I'm from) but not going to be back home for quite sometime. Any help is appreciated.

@Cody Cook sure we are happy to help anyone we can.  we know okc well and can help in any area of town.  dont know much about memphis invest but my take on turnkey is they generally make most of the real profit before they sell it to you.  If you want to maximize your investment you need to be more hands on.  

Hey @Cody Cook , my name is Wougi and I am a real estate investor here in Oklahoma City. I recently started a real estate company and right now we are specializing in finding off market deals that would make good rentals. Please message me if you are interested!

Hey @Cody Cook yes I just closed on a 4-plex a bit outside of OKC (mid-del). 

I just found the deal oniline (either zillow or CL can't remember which at this point), ran the numbers and had an agent merely submit the offer.

As for management, I'm using RPM but am paying $100 more than I had anticipated. We had some issues early on but things are slowly getting more routine as we all settle into place.

Sorry I couldn't be more help than that, I purchased this place while living overseas so took a few more risks and peoples words than I wish I would have but that's how we learn =)

Good luck on your search and if you come across a good management company give me shout.

@Jamison Haussman Thanks for the feedback. Do you mind sharing what your modeled numbers are on the 4plex? Primarily, purchase cost, expected rent and COC return. Just trying to get a feel for the market.

I'll let you know if I find a good management company.

Disclosure: I am a Realtor that works with investors.

Hi @Michael Evans

There are a few turn-key providers that have moved into the OKC market now. If you choose to go the turn-key route, definitely do your research on the numbers the company is giving you. Several of the national chain turnkey providers are charging significantly (25-30%) over retail prices just because they placed the tenant and did a make-ready. If you are looking for turn-key, definitely stick with the local providers. Their numbers are a lot more realistic.  

Another strategy that you may consider is buying directly on-market. The OKC market is priced well enough that I can typically find C class on-market properties that are rent-ready and meet the 1% rule. It's not a true "turk-key" investment, but it can be pretty close to that as long as you get a good property manager on board. 

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