Rentec Direct vs TrueRent

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Originally posted by @Scott Weaner :

As we are about to close on our first rental property, I am looking at the on-line property management sites. The 2 that look best and are free are Rentec Direct and TruRent.

Anyone have any first hand experience with them? Any comparisons?


I'm not seeing pricing, but it looks like rentec only offers a free 30 day trial, assuming you have to pay for it after that.

Rentec Basic is free up to 10 units. There is a Pro version that is paid as well.

@Scott Weaner  who did you end up using. I started with Trurent, but had some questions about set up. I have left voicemail and email messages, and have yet to hear from anyone. Not professional at all.

@Nalo Coban  I actually obtained a copy of Quicken Property Manager 2014, and have started using that. It is OK, but still leaves a bit to be desired. I like the interface better than the free cloud-based systems.

I have tried both and decided on The site is intuitive and customer support is responsive. It tracks property performance so can track net equity and NOI.

Thanks John.  I was looking into going with TrueRent as well.   

We're looking at rentec as well.  30 rentals self managed.  Looking for many helps including speeding up creating Sched E numbers.  

By now you have some useage experience.  What have you found to be useful features or time savings using a PM tool?

@Curt Smith I would vouch for Rentec Direct as well.  It's an excellent management tool for property owners.  You wouldn't qualify for their free product since it's for 10 or less properties, but the time savings using the application alone pays for itself many times over.  Useful features are the tenant screening that's built in, ACH payments from tenants, they provide me with a website to list my company and listings (I don't use the website yet, but I do list my listings), they automatically send all my vacancies to zillow, trulia, and a handful of other sites.  At the end of the year, I print out the schedule-e helper and it provides me a single page picture of everything I need for taxes.  The list goes on but it's the end of my day and my brain is a bit foggy now. 

Basically, in a nutshell, my vacancies are down, and my collections are non-existant since I started using Rentec.  Between the tools they give me for screening applicants, and the ACH/CC automated payments, my business takes less than half the time it used to regarding tenant management.

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