Recommendations for Turnkey Providers in SW Florida?

2 Replies

Looking for recommendations on any providers of turnkey real estate in southwest Florida: Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral areas?  Turnkey as in fully rehabbed (or newly constructed), tenant in place and property managed.  

Disclosure: But only if I figure out who they were...

A couple years ago I had a connection with a turnkey provider in SW Florida but it's been so long since I looked at their stuff, I'd have to find out if they are even still there anymore. I can ask my guys.

(I know that's totally unhelpful...)

@Chad U. I have contacted Norada RE for opportunities in FL and they have pointed me out to a couple. In general, however, the numbers have not worked for me as I am looking for a balance between CF and appreciation, leaning more towards CF. The numbers look nice from an appreciation standpoint, though.

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