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Hello I am a new investor looking to purchase some properties,  I am currently looking to find out what is a very robust software to manage investments, flips, rentals , list of prospects etc.... any help would be greatly apreciated.

I am using Podio for CMS and True Rent for Property management. Both are working great.

Both are also free. Huge plus if you're just starting out

@Zamir Kazi  , I've enjoyed working with Podio so far.  How are you using it in your business?

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Don't put the cart before the horse. I can understand the desire to want everything in place before you pick up the phone but software should be tried in your business before you fall in love. Some of the smartest guys I know still scribble rent payments on the manila folder the lease lives in.

Podio is nice, I would like to develop a PM module for it. I think it is powerful enough.

If you search Podio on BP Blogs you will find awesome ways others are using it to automate their business. For example: 

Originally posted by @Sebastian Gast :

@Zamir Kazi  , I've enjoyed working with Podio so far.  How are you using it in your business?

 I am basically looking to use it as a database, from start to finish from buying the house calculations to selling the house

@Sebastian Gast   I use Podio to manage my leads from my direct mailer campaign.

@Doug Merriott   if you haven't tried True Rent yet for property management you should. First 50 units are free. Super simple I love it.

@Zamir Kazi  Thank you so much. True Rent looks pretty cool. We use Buildium for my Property Management office, but I hate it. 

@Doug Merriott  is right! Go out and do a deal. Make some offers. Drink sweet tea with some little old blue hair ladies. After you have a deal, worry all night about how you are going to spend all that money. We call this illness Analysis Paralysis. Most people so afflicted will still be analyzing this time next year.

I never heard of it. 

I made an offer between my first post and this one. I also prepared a video, describing another property I am planning to buy.  Sent it to an investor. He and I will probably buy it together-tomorrow. 

Did you analyze Buildium, while I was doing that? Seriously, you can get lost analyzing. Go make an offer.

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