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Has anyone ever heard of or worked with Realty Wealth Builders in New Jersey?  Someone reached out to me from a Real Estate Meetup, and they are looking for minimum investments of $25K.  Is there a way to verify their track record?  I'm sorry, I'm new to this -- but is there a list on this forum that shows the key questions to ask when wanting to be a part investor in a deal?

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@Henry L., this looks to be a "Crowdfunding" business looking for cash investors (who then won't have any direct control over their investment)!

[I have no specific knowledge of their record].

Here is an earlier thread showing how such investments can go belly up:- http://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/520/topics/152...

Anyway, welcome to BP. All the best...

 Hi Brent, thanks so much for your thoughts and for the link!  I appreciate it!


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I've checked his list of properties fixed and flipped, and it does seem like the price he bought them for and sold them for, matched up.

 Still, it sounds much the same as stocks and shares ie. the shareholders only get paid from left-over funds AFTER the companies have taken the cream of any profit. 

And do they also list the ALL the properties that they have bought, including ones that may not have shown a healthy return, or haven't sold yet (so you can follow the individual ongoing progress)?

Wouldn't you prefer to invest directly into properties that YOU choose? Cheers...