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Hello BP

Anyone heard of Vestus. They seem to be a Foreclosure Group based here in the PNW. As a newbie, I am looking for various networking groups to connect with and see these guys pop up a lot @ Is this group any good? Do they charge to be a member? Cant tell from their Website or Meetup pages. Any insight would be great.

Website: Vestus - Kitsap County Foreclosure Investing



I don't know Vestus personally, just as a name. But I would assume they do business similar to John L Scott foreclosure group. In that case they will charge 3% of the purchase price or tax assessed value (whatever is greater) in case they bid for you on the foreclosure auction and won. Usually these groups meet once a week before the auction to go through the list of the properties going on the auction on Friday and discuss their projections, likes and dislikes of particular property.

Hi @Frank Matanane we are in Lakewood and eager to meet other RE investors. Do you mind sharing when and where the meet up is?

We have attended a few Vestus informational meetings. People there have seemed to have had a positive experience with them. They seem very knowledgable. But, we haven't worked with them directly yet.

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