Next Steps After Finding My First Property

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After much searching (I know.....everyone goes through this) I have had my offer accepted on my first rental property, an FSBO found on Craigslist. It's a 2 bedroom, 1 bath previously rented but vacant all brick house, no garage in a solid lower middle class area with other rental and non-rental homes. The house seems very sound but will need interior updating to the tune of about $10K in my opinion. Asking price was $40,000, my offer of $47,000 was accepted. It is suggested by the seller that I send $1,000 earnest money and then determine a suitable title company for closing. They are asking that I sign the purchase agreement now but delay the closing until after Jan. 1 for tax reasons. What do I do next???

 I could pay cash but am hoping to leverage a $50K interest only loan @ 7% (12 mth. max. term) commitment from a friend to do the purchase and rehab along with a hard money loan and using as little of my own money as possible.


Please do not give the seller your earnest money. Please for your protection place it in a Escrow/Title Company. Not sure why they are asking for a later close on the deal but I would get a firm closing date in writing.

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Please get your p/s reviewed prior to signing and no money goes anywhere unless you have a signed contract. I would also confirm that the "seller" has the Title of the property you want to buy. Be cautious!!

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Larry Foster

You might have done some of the leg work but ensure the title is in their name. As stated above, do not send any money to anyone ever! A well known Craigslist scam does this.

I have everything lined up for the rehab before I close. The dumpster is there the day of closing and work also starts that day or the day after. I lock my contractors in to pricing and dates as good contractors are often booked weeks out.