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I am looking at an investment company called THE RENFORD GROUP LLC, has anyone done business with them?

They claim to make large profit margins flipping houses, which they use investors money to fund and then give very good returns to investors. Almost sounds too good to be true!

I looking for feedback from anyone who has had (or currently is having) experiences with investing in THE RENFORD GROUP LLC.

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I would say to stay the hell away from them. I was thinking about investing with them a while back, but I did some research and found out it was headed by Joe Stanford aka Moto Joe. Be really leery of this guy.  Here’s why: and he has a new scam under Pro Close USA:!contact/cgbd. I don’t know, why this guy is running free and doing whatever. But seriously he needs to head to jail. 

I'd looked into them myself a few months back.  It also sounded too good to be true. I called the state trade commission after they seemed very hesitant to show me their documentation and the woman on the phone mentioned they'd already started to look into them and to be VERY wary of giving them any money.  I provided her the info I had and she said they were going to start an investigation following that. I'd stay away!

@Terry Koepp they advertised here on BP for a while. The rep mentioned her posts were getting edited off I suspect for marketing in the forums. When I asked her for some numbers to support her claims all I got was some pictures of some houses a purchase price a rehab cost and a sales price. I began to smell a rat. Then they called me and said they were going to drop the interest rate. I should invest while the rates were still high. I thought it was pressure to invest my money so I dropped them. RR

Please be advised that the posts above are completely UNTRUE. First of all Joe Stanford was not a part of The Renford Group. I reviewed all of the state documents, and he was NOT a part of it. So get your facts straight when you want to cast stones. As far as his conviction you should probably read what actually happened. That person got their title and it was an unfortunate deal. However the law is the law. Maybe readers should dig into your lives and dig up dirt to slander you with. I just have no time for brain dead stone throwers. Hopefully throwing stones makes you feel better about your own lives. God help you if you ever make a mistake. Hopefully the whole world drums up lies about you too!! Get a life already. 

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