Suracuse NY Property Managment Companies

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I am new to Bp and i would like to start investing in the Syracuse NY area. Are there any good property management companies that anyone can recommend in the Syracuse area?

Thank you

I recommend that you contact Apartment Medic in Syracuse. Their website is I have recently been having using them to do some of the maintenance on my properties and they have done an excellent job for me. They also do other property management functions as well. He works with several landlords in the Syracuse area and would also be a good resource to discuss the Syracuse investing environment.

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@Jason King hello Jason, I am a new investor based in Syracuse and would like to network with you and discuss property management. I see this post is over a year ago and am curious in what you found out about property management in this area as I am considering finding management myself, or becoming management for other. Have a wonderful holiday and I hope we can connect !

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