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WARNING: When reading the Ask About a Company threads, take note that in many cases, the companies in question will send their friends to shill on their behalf. These people are typically easy to pick out, as they usually have only a handful of posts, all of which are used to defend the business. While we welcome companies to respond to posts here, and to send their "satisfied customers" to participate, in some occasions, we've busted the companies themselves pretending to be someone else, hyping up their businesses.


Note to the Companies Mentioned on These Forums:
Impersonating someone or creating a fake account to pump your own business is grounds for removal from the site. Additionally, we will call you out to our community and all of our readers.

Additionally, please do not email or PM us requesting we remove a thread because it is critical of your business. That is part of the game. If you put yourself out there, people are going to critique you. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects companies like BiggerPockets; for more information about Sec 230, our rights, and why BiggerPockets is protected from liability for the statements and opinions of our users, please see our Terms of Service, Section 9 - Indemnity.

That said, we encourage you to jump in and participate, and to engage in a dialogue with our members. Doing so is the best way to resolve conflicts, misunderstandings or any other issues.

Here's a great article that might help you determine when and how to respond to reviews of you or your material here and elsewhere:
How Companies Should Respond To Negative Reviews

Note to posters:
We certainly encourage you to honestly review any company, however, please note that you and you ONLY are responsible for your words. You are certainly welcome to your opinions - positive and negative - but you are not welcome to libel anyone, to lie, or to make false allegations. BiggerPockets is not responsible for your posts - you are! While Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects BiggerPockets from liability for the statements, posts, or commentary of our users, it does NOT protect those users from making false or libelous statements. You and only you can be held liable.

Thanks to everyone for the understanding.

NOTE: If we catch a user pretending to be a "satisfied customer" and determine that this user works for a company, we will immediately close that account. If however, you work for a company and disclose this information, you'll be allowed to post.

We will NOT put up with deception and will deal with it quickly and severely.

I just had to close an account for someone doing this today.

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