Net Worth Realty / 212 Finance, Denver - anyone ever use them?

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Any thoughts from anyone who has:

  • actually purchased from them
  • actually walked a site with them
  • applied for their financing
  • actually done any type of business with them

They require a $5k cashiers check, made out to them, to be in-hand before taking you to a site walk. Their explanation, and it seems reasonable to me, is to weed out tire-kickers and not waste their time. Contract to be signed on site (standard high-pressure sales tactic) and they claim most deals are gone in 24-48 hours. They also have a private/in-house/affiliated hard money company (212 finance). If you are "qualified" with 212 Finance, then certain deals go out to you for 24 hours before being offered to non-finance customers.

They are corporate and nation-wide and I'm sure their deal numbers reflect that, but I'm curious to hear from anyone who has had actual business dealings with them. I could care less about anything except "do the numbers make sense". 

All I will say is do your OWN numbers. Don't rely on what they show you.

Yes I've run a couple of analyses on some properties they've sent me with mixed results as to value that I put on them.
I'll post up in the Analysis forum for some input on a specific property. Thanks Matt

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