Seed Capital Incorporated

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Seed Capital Inc has approached me to see if I require funding. I am preparing for my next flip, and am seeking some capital to get the gig going. I have been approached by this mob, and I can't seem to  find much information on them. They offer unsecured loans in exchange for a modest slice of the sale amount. Has anyone here heard of this group?

I have never head of them, and cannot find that exact company in any registrars. But it would seem there are a large number of companies with similar names, and wildly varying reputations. Proceed with caution!

I have seen an advert for them before, they are a venture capital firm based out of Montreal Quebec. Very small company, with a small portfolio. They have one employee on Linkedin:

Sorry folks, I agree that it wasn't right to throw up the Linkedin here. Seed Capital Incorporated may be a viable company, heck they may even be USA based. Not fair for me to make assumptions here on the forum. 

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