Looking for Real Estate Agents Nationally

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I am trying to build a list of agents across the United States for my friends who are moving due to changing their military duty stations. I am constantly asked if I have been to a certain duty station and if so do I know any GOOD realtors. Since I have become active on BiggerPockets I have learned two things:

1) not all real estate agents are created equal.

2) if a real estate agent is active on BiggerPockets they’re already ahead of their peers.

Since I would not like to recommend just anyone to my large connection of military friends and family, i would love it if I could use this post to connect with the great agents active on BiggerPockets.

@Brian Kuti sweeping questions but love the intent.  I would be glad to connect!

I would also recommend the BiggerPockets network tab.  You can search for specific professionals by area (real estate agents included) and see their activity easily as well!

@Brian Kuti Hey brother. I'm still active duty (at least until next year...) and on a team of mostly veterans. I can't say I'm a top producer or a big residential agent (yet) as I'm pretty new and deployed in my first year. I do residential and assist investors. I started with investing so I serve investors mostly because I enjoy it - I have experience in multifamily and soon to be STRs. I've used the VA loan twice, assisted multiple VA loan buyers and military families, and have gone through more than a dozen military moves myself. I will say, I put military families first - including ensuring that make smart financial decisions relating to real estate. Happy to help if I can!