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Anyone here who bought a property from RentToRetirement in the past year ? I am about to buy one with Eric Winkler. This is my first time purchasing a turnkey out of state and I would appreciate any feedback and or advice. Thanks. Mary

Disclosure: CEO Rent To Retirement

Hi @Mary Esses !

Very nice to meet you!  I'm going to help direct you to some forum threads where there has been quite a bit of discussion on this topic already.  I think you will find these past forum posts very useful to help answer your question.  Please let me know if I can assist with anything else.

Hi Mary,

I have spoke with one of their agents before and I've been reading about their companies as well and so far all good reviews. I am still saving up for my downpayment and planning to go with them as well. Would love to know how's your experience with them :) thanks in advance and good luck on your first purchase! I am very excited for you



@Mary Esses Hey Mary, I am in your exact position. Had a conversation with Eric and am currently checking out the inventory available and then might pull the trigger if I find the right property. Let us know how your experience goes. RtoR seems to have a great reputation here on BP.