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First Wholesaling Deal - What is Next?

Posted Jul 19 2022, 19:33

First wholesale deal and I’m stumbling through this but I think I am done? No, this can’t be real…

So here is what I did:

1. Found seller and got them to sign a sales contract with me for a certain price. (Cold calling vacant properties - 25k rehab needed, floors/carpet/paint and maybe some new appliances if you’re feeling frisky)

2. Sent to title company with EMD

3.  Added my markup, assigned the contract to a cash buyer. Got the cash buyer to sign the assignment contract (cold called cash buyers - sent pictures and FaceTimed him with another walkthrough)

4. Sent this contract to title company with buyers deposit and POF (idk if the title company needs this but I sent it with the buyers permission)

5. Orchestrated closing dates between buyer and seller - set for next week

Did I miss anything or is this going way too smooth? Is the title company going to hit us with something crazy?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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