Wholesaling in western PA

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I'm new to real estate investing, and am looking to learn wholesaling. I am closing on my first rental the end of this month, and looking to use wholesaling to fund future deals. I would like to meet, and learn from other people in my area who are wholesaling. I'm not looking for a free ride, but to work with someone on a few deals to learn the basics. Thanks.

Mark Rowan
JKM² Properties

@Mark Rowan congrats on the rental. My family used to have some rentals in Lawrenceville. I'm a career firefighter in Maryland and also have a rental. Recently, I have taken action on wholesaling, too. Sounds like we have a good bit in common!

@Mike Webb Thanks. It does sound like we have some things in common. What part of Maryland are you in? I travel through Maryland from time to time.
What was your experience with wholesaling? Did you have positive results?

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