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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I was wondering, how are some of you completing your double closings with so many of the Chicago/Illinois title companies no longer participating? I have been having the hardest time finding a title company that will perform a double closing, even with cash on the table. Please help! Thanks...

Well, right now Chicago and the surrounding areas. The company you sent me is located right in the middle. Perfect!

Are you looking for a title co. that will do a Dry double close, using the C buyer's funds for the A-B transaction also, or a simple double close where the B has their own funds also?

@Wayne Brooks Just a-b closing where B is using their funds only. Or even both. (For future reference)

@Sherrice Baines  did you have any luck with finding a title company in the Chicagoland area that does double closings?  Are you still working wholesale deals?  I'm starting some research now and looking to get a marketing campaign underway in the near future.

Hi there! Did you find any title company that does simultaneous closings? I am currently looking for one that could do this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Originally posted by @Sharad M. :

Hi @Sherrice Baines

What cities in IL are you looking at? I messaged you one that does double closing last time I checked.


 Hey @Sharad M or @Sherrice Barnes I also am looking for a company that does double closing im located in the south suburbs or Chicago. Would greatly appreciated if you could pm me thanks.

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