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Hello BP

Time for me to get started… I have been off and on of BP site, listening to podcast, got ready to get started but never got pass the pressure of failing.

Now I'm ready

I’ve have learned a lot from BP and I’m ready to get started.

Here’s my progress:

I founded 7 houses

4 vacant - How can I wholesale properties that’s vacant? Where can I go to find information on these properties


I didn’t mail anything yet but have everything ready.

I'm currently looking for a realtor(s) to partner with to locate properties on MLS

Currently working on my website

Also looking for a Wholesaling partner and/or Mentor

Thank You

If you're marketing to flippers they'll prefer the properties vacant. Many landlords may, also. They can do their fixup and place tenants that they've approved rather than possibly going through headaches and evictions with inherited tenants

You should be able to find information on the owners of those vacant homes at your local county's website.

get to a REIA or Meetup (google the following)

MAREIA (Ownings Mills)

Baltimore REIA (Timonium/Towson)

Real Deal Meetup (Arbutus)

Baltimore Washington Meetup (Columbia)

start networking at one or more of the above and it will dovetail nicely with everything you are learning here with the BP Nation

Thanks for the Mention @Brian Gibbons

@Timothy Battle You wholesale vacant properties the same way you wholesale occupied properties. I suspect you have an issue yo are concerned about so restate your question.

You find who the owner is by going to SDAT Actually finding contact info for them can be much harder. Just Google People search or "Skip Tracing" and you will find plenty of sites to track people down. Expect to pay to find any but the easiest to find.

Regarding a mentor this post may help how to find a mentor

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