Purchase Agreement & Assignment of Contract Forms

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Hello everyone -

Can someone tell me where I can find a purchase agreement and assignment of contract forms for the state of Indiana? I am planning on using the assignment of contract method (vs. double-closing). Are these standard forms, or is an attorney needed to prepare these?

Look forward to hearing your responses.



Rick f is correct. Here's the thing though, you can NEVER go wrong having an attorney look over the contracts you choose to use. As I'm sure you already know, each state has different standards for real estate contracts and a real estate law attorney can make sure your protected with the right clauses in accordance with your state. I hope this helps!

Going off of the idea of having an attorney look at the contract, which I agree is a good idea, do you guys think handing this type of deal over to an actual real estate agent to handle the first few times to learn from them is a good idea?

Is that something that they'd even be willing to get involved in? I guess dual commissions would be enticing to fhem. Thoughts?

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